Welcome to Support Services Group

Our History

Established in August 1991 by families who had a vision of their children living in their communities. Organized to serve and advocate persons with a disability to live independent lives with the necessary supports, in order to maintain choice and control.

Mission Statement

Support Services Group Co-operative Ltd. seeks to encourage self-supported and self-managed living for its members in a manner that allows maximum freedom and dignity.


  • That members’ lives be self-directed
  • That a support group is in place to provide support and guidance
  • That decisions which directly affect members reflect the goals & objectives of SSG

Role of SSG

  • Help organize and maintain suitable housing
  • Assist with all challenges of independent living

“The principle freedom of choice is one of the principles on which SSG is founded”

“Individuals should be involved to the greatest extent possible in decisions that affect them.”

“The partnership of all supports lead to the success of the independent living arrangement.”