What makes a Great SSG Support Worker?

We are often asked: ”What makes a Great SSG Support Worker?”

It is proven that diverse companies are often more innovative and creative. Diverse teams will bring broader ideas and new perspective to the table. At SSG our employees come from all different educational and employment backgrounds. It is often said that it is not necessarily education alone that makes a good support worker but having the right personality and life experience.

Have Compassion and Empathy: “In a world where you can be anything, be kind”

To be a successful support worker must be able to have compassion and Empathy for others. You must be able to see from another person’s perspective and be able to put yourself in their shoes.

Be A cheerleader: A support worker must be able to encourage and help build others self-confidence, independence, and self-esteem.

Be a Problem solver:  Having the ability to problem solve and think quick on your feet will take you a long way in this field, but so will knowing when to reach out and ask for help.

Be a team player: Management at SSG have a story that gets told often at staff meetings about “monkeys and bananas”. Basically, the moral of this story is that your co-workers will remember when you help them out and are more likely to return the favor when you need help. We are a big family at SSG, and being a team player is very important.

Trust and honesty: Each day we enter our members’ homes and immediately know the intimate details of their lives.  Trust, confidentiality, and honesty are essential moral standards all support staff must have.

Bring positivity to work: When I first started as a support worker, the home I worked in had a sign on the door that said, “you are responsible for the energy you bring inside this home”. It’s something that stuck with me for all these years. We have the power to make someone’s days positive or negative with the kind of energy we bring into the home.

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