Consultancy Services

We recognize the long wait list for the DSP programs and are now providing support to families in this situation on a consulting basis.

Person Centered Approach

A Coordinator from SSG will be assigned to work with each family, and they will meet with them once to twice per month (for an average of six hours per month).

The assigned Coordinator becomes a Resource Navigator, providing families with the basic first steps in navigating the system. This includes guidance on community resources, assessments, respite funding & DSP Policy among others.

There are so many opportunities for individuals to be involved in their community and gain skills and experience that will help them going forward. Resource Navigators will be able to help families tap into these opportunities.

Independence & Life Skills

Resource Navigators would be able to provide a list of SSG Support Workers who are interested in working extra respite hours.

Resource Navigators in conjunction with families can help the individual develop:

  • Life Skills
  • Job Interviews Skills
  • Phone Etiquette

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