Support Services

We help people with disabilities to be independent and involved in their communities, by providing the necessary supports that enable them to live in their own homes.

Our Programs

SSG supports people with disabilities through our supported apartment services – in settings that range from single-person apartment to shared homes. All our members live in their communities, close to family members and friends.

We also offer in-home support services to adults with disabilities who live independently. These services are ongoing and are delivered according to the member’s care plan. Recreational outings, assistance with personal care, daily living, money management are among the services offered to our members through the independent living supports program. In addition, we advocate for community inclusion and help people live as independently as possible.

Our Process

When a new member joins SSG, an assigned Coordinator meets with the member and their family to complete a Memorandum of Understanding.

This document outlines the background and needs of the member and delineates the areas that he/she wants support with. It establishes the roles and responsibilities of each party.

This is a living document that will be altered as the member’s skills, needs and goals evolve over time.

Our Partnership

The first step will be in getting to know the participant, in finding out his/her likes and dislikes, hobbies, regular routine, how the participant communicates, etc. It is important to know about their past experiences, achievements, and life events.

One important key is to build trust and a working relationship. It is vital for the participant to feel he/she has a voice, and that we are there for support and to help them achieve their personal goals.

Each step of the way will be discussed with the participant and family (if the participant wishes for the family to be involved). The plan will be person-centred, diverse, flexible and unique, while respecting the person’s independence and privacy.

Also, SSG recognizes and values each participant’s cultural background as a factor in the planning and the decision-making process. The meetings will take place in settings where the person feels comfortable, and breaks will be factored in if the participant requires some support or accommodation. Communication has to be very clear and tailored to individual needs. Short meetings may be be an option if the participant cannot be engaged for a long period of time.

SSG is committed to fairness, diversity, meaningfulness through advocacy, personal rights, and choice.

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