Disabilities don’t define talent.

Become inclusive.

Inclusive workplaces are good for business.

Organizations with inclusive cultures are:

  • Twice as likely to meet or exceed financial targets.
  • Three times as likely to be high-performing.
  • Six times more likely to be innovative and agile.
  • Eight times more likely to achieve better business outcomes.

People with disabilities:

  • Build strong connections with customers.
  • Boost staff morale and enhance a sense of teamwork.
  • Hiring people with disability enhances an organisation’s image in the general community.

Your new employee:

  • Has self-esteem and pride, therefore, willing to work on their own.
  • Tends to be very hard working because they have reached such a capable level.
  • Fresh ideas and prospective are bought to the table.
  • Insightful knowledge as to how your company could adapt the product or service to attract a wider audience.
  • Talent that only much larger employers can afford.

Numerous studies have confirmed

  • Lower turnover. Companies report that employees with disabilities have superior retention rates which reduce the high cost of turnover.
  • Increased productivity. A report by the Institute for Corporate Productivity found that employing individuals with intellectual developmental disabilities (IDD) contributed to higher productivity, lower absenteeism, and increased customer loyalty.

An example.

Thrifty Treasures

Support Services Group operates a thrift Store (reopening, in the near future). The store offers our members the opportunity to gain valuable life and employment skills, in a variety of roles.


  • I have never walked into a retail establishment and consistently been greeted by a more genuine, friendly staff. It makes one look forward to returning.
  • The thrift store does not have the support offered by being a part of a major chain. We are a small independent retailer, operated by our members, dealing in donated goods. I have personally, overheard comments describing the various displays as unique and creative.
  • Other than clothing, the most donated item is books, literally thousands of books, on the shelves. While not using an official library classification system, it is user friendly. There are always comments on how easy it was find a particular genre or author.

Government financial incentives

  • Businesses that hire people with disabilities, may expense for tax purposes items such as ramps, lifts, specialized computer hardware/software, etc. Modifications may also increase your customer base.
  • If a potential employee requires technical aids and/or assistive devices to perform their job tasks, assistance may be available from the Department of Community Service, under their Workplace Support Program.
  • Funding may also be available, under the same program, to provide a Workplace Attendant. The attendant provides task-related assistance specific to individual’s job.
  • Community partner organizations can help you hire and retain employees with disabilities.

You will not only be a good corporate citizen but also a $mart corporate citizen.

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